From Monday 19th July COVID restrictions  change – with many of the legal requirements being removed.

Many may have been expecting the youth sector and therefore the VPC to move to GREEN status – however one restriction remains regarding international travel and although this may be the exception within the VPC, it is still a legal restriction.

As a result, this means the VPC (in England) will remain at YELLOW status from Monday 19th  June.

There are however many positive changes.

Residential activity -

  1. No limit to group sizes
  2. It is recommended that a maximum of six individuals sleep overnight in the same space (Room or tent)
  3. Members of a group should be tested using lateral flow tests every 48-72hrs. Including leaders/staff.
  4. Should a cadet show signs of illness they should be tested and return home in a private vehicle.
  5. If a leader shows signs of illness the whole group should return home - unless a replacement leader can be found, or you can maintain the appropriate ratio of leaders to cadets.
  6. We recommend that Forces ensure an appropriate level of insurance cover is in place


It is important to note that we are still in a pandemic and those under 18’s are not being vaccinated. We are seeing a rise in infections especially amongst young people and therefore there is still cause for concern.

It important to note that there is no guarantee depending on infection and death rates that restrictions will not be reimposed. The National VPC team will monitor the situation carefully and issue guidance to police forces as and when required.