In less than twenty minutes after parade the 6 cadets accompanied by PS Langley and PC Cull were able to take over the busiest cordon on Torbay Road. The cadets have recently been learning how to apply a cordon and on arrival in Torbay Road immediately put their training into practice. PS Langley who has been giving the lessons said,

“I am really pleased that the cadets have applied the procedure they have been taught and this is a great example of how cadets can assist the police”.

The cadets presented exceptionally well and were instantly well received by the members of public. Many seemed more intrigued by the cadets than the fire and there was great interaction between the cadets and the public. Many people were asking the cadets about their role, how to join the police and details of the fire. The cadets remained professional and their presence seemed to diffuse any conflict from the public that the police can sometimes encounter. They engaged with members right across the community from young children and teenagers through to adults and older members of the community. Several members of the public spoke with PC Cull at the scene providing only positive feedback with multiple quotes such as:-

“It’s great to see young people helping.”

“I am ex-miltary and it’s great to see cadets. Uniform youth clubs are what they need.”

“My son is in the Met Police and i think it’s brilliant to see the cadets on the street helping.”

Due to the resourcing at the scene the cadets were then split with PS Langley taking half of the cadets to deploy on a second cordon. This gave other police staff opportunities to have a break and assist with further planning during the incident.

As the fire became under control and night fell the crowds began to dissipate allowing the cadets to eventually return to their unit having conducted great work.

The cadets were only to please to help and Cadet Davies, said,

“It was great to be able to support and see what the police do at incidents like this.”

Cadet Bollard, said “It was fun to deploy and assist with the cordon.”

Inspector Howard Brugge, Paignton and Brixham sector Inspector and critical incident manager, had overall command at the scene said,

“To have the cadets deploy so quickly and manage cordons was a real help to the situation. Trying to get enough resources to an incident of this type is always difficult and I was very impressed with the way the cadets have conducted themselves and would like to thank them for their assistance.”

PS Langley and PC Cull would like to thank the cadets for their professionalism during the deployment.

PC Cull said, “We’re really proud of our unit and all the cadets within it. To be able to deploy at the drop of a hat and use skills that they have learnt proved a real asset in a major emergency. I thank the cadets that deployed this evening, they really shone at a major incident and proved their worth. They showed themselves, the public and the wider police family what they are capable of and they are a credit to their community”.






A happy team of cadets
Torbay VPC being mobilised
Torbay VPC at the cordon
At the cordon