On the visit, each person spent 6 days living with an American family getting the chance to explore the local area, go to a baseball game and understand American culture. We also got 5 days in the Blue Ridge of the Black Mountains where everyone was together focusing on the project ‘Bridges’ which is aimed to make friendships worldwide and highlight the similarities between different nations. The project focused on nature to state the things we can all do worldwide to make the earth a better place. The four focus topics were Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

There was opportunity to take part in team building challenges, football, netball, swimming and many more different activities all with the purpose of building ‘bridges’ between people. This demonstrated how even with any political or cultural differences, we can all work as a team. The project had aimed to remove barriers from between people and how little by little, we can make the world a better place.

By the end of the trip people had made friends with different nationalities, exchanged gifts with each other and informed other about their culture and heritage. Stereotypes were broken and people could learn to appreciate everyone for their differences, learning new things from one another. Since the trip, people have kept in contact hoping that having international relations will help show how the things we do impact more than just the people directly around us.

Coming together
A summit in Durham Nth Carolina
New friendships