After the training cadets, Natalie, Jake and Louis undertook to apply their newly acquired skills to set up a new Homewatch scheme in Edgeley, Stockport. 

They used the planning table provided on the course to devise a schedule of events, they started to plan what they were going to do with the help of the rest of the unit. 

They created their own questionnaire and went door-to-door to canvas support, they also designed their own crime prevention leaflet to help address concerns raised by the local community and through their polite and persuasive approach, garnered interest from residents and even managed to find someone willing to act as a co-ordinator!

  The scheme is now officially logged on the website (cadets did this as it involved technology!!) the cadets are continuing to support the scheme by arranging a meeting for the residents to come together. 

The residents are now running this scheme but recognise that the scheme would not have happened without the cadets setting it up. 

The co-ordinator, Debbie, is very positive and said “ I have now got to know more of her neighbours because of this scheme.  It has genuinely brought them together and hopefully will assist the local policing team by helping to prevent crime”.

The three lead cadets have relished the challenge, enjoyed it and learnt a lot about organisation and team management.  It is a great example for them to use in the future.  The rest of the cadets have also enjoyed it because they can see the benefit it has had in the community and they are part of a project which they have essentially adopted and run themselves.  Their turn will come to run a project of their own, as the knowledge gained by the previously ‘Social action trained’ cadets is being passed on to their peers.

Unit leaders Sue & Hollie said “We are so proud of the cadets with what they have achieved, it all started with the National VPC social action training course, which is fantastic!!”. 

Graeme Ironside from the National VPC hub team said “ It is great to receive such positive feedback about the social action training course which we have developed and rolled out, this is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by young people delivering social action and making a positive contribution to local communities”. 

VPC Stockport 'On street briefing'
Cadets door to door
VPC Stockport and local residents together