This marks Jess’s third time taking part in the event, the first time was with her family when she was five years old, and the second a few years ago when she slept in a church yard as part of a supervised public ‘sleep out’ organised by the charity.

Sleeping rough
Jess and Abby prepare their cardboard box for the sleep out - Credit: Tiverton High School

CHAT do not charge participants to take part in the event, but do ask that they raise at least £30 to donate to the charity. So far, Jess and Abby have raised £150, with more donations still coming in.

Speaking of their ‘sleep out’, CHAT CEO, Alison Padfield, said: “Although the CHAT sleep out won't replicate what it's like to be homeless, it will give you an insight into the reality that many people face every day. All money raised, will make a real difference, so thank you.”

Based in Tiverton, CHAT (Churches Housing Action Team), supports people in Mid Devon with Debt and Housing Advice, Tenancy Support and Foodbank.

They also work with anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness as there is a large number of people who are 'sofa surfing'. These people are often called the 'hidden homeless' because no one really knows how many people live like this.