With police cadets becoming the fastest growing uniformed youth group in the country, we felt it was time to give all our cadets, unit leaders and cadet instructors the chance to tell us what they like about the volunteer police cadets, and most importantly, how things could be improved for the future.  Police forces across the UK are rightly proud of their cadet units and of all the work being put in place to build greater youth engagement through further initiatives like the Mini-Police. But to stay fresh, relevant and responsive to the needs of young people and to the hundreds of volunteers who support our police cadet activities, we recently launched the first national survey of its kind to find out what cadets and our volunteers think.

If you are a police cadet, we want to hear about your cadet experience and how well it helps you to meet your own goals and develop your skills. We also want to hear your views on how well police cadets are supporting their local policing teams and working to build links with local communities. And if you have ideas for how things can be improved, let us know.  We can’t guarantee that all the ideas we receive can be acted on, at least not right away, but getting the discussion going is all part of giving police cadets a bigger voice in the way things are run.

We also want to hear from the network of volunteers and helpers who support cadet activities week in – week out. Without this group of dedicated supporters there would simply be no police cadet activities, so it’s important we listen and respond to the thoughts of our volunteers too. So in addition, a separate but related survey is also being run for them.

The surveys, which are available on-line, will take just 10-15 minutes to complete. So we encourage all cadets and volunteers to give us their views as it as it will help both the central team and police forces across the country to continue to develop their cadet activities for the future.

Links to the cadet or the adult volunteer/instructor surveys have already been posted via the Marshall Volunteer Portal.  If you’ve not yet received a link  (as a police cadet or a volunteer) and would like to participate, please contact your cadet unit leader for more information or complete the survey below.  You have until the 1st March 2019 to complete the survey, which is being run in conjunction with The Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice and is part of the University of Northampton.  All responses will be confidential and anonymised, which means that everything you say or contribute will be private and not linked to you.  So it’s your opportunity to tell us how you feel.

Complete the survey now-

CADETS- https://goo.gl/AS16SX

CADET LEADERS- https://goo.gl/gp1fih

Thanks very much- Your views matter for more information please contact us anytime email vpc.admin@vpc.police.uk