My grandson joined North Tyneside Police Cadets some two years ago. This turned out to be one of the best decisions he could have made.

The cadets usually meet once a week during term time for sessions of about 2 hours.

Those meetings can include sessions on cyber-crime, water safety, fingerprinting, hate crime etc.

Visits are also arranged to other parts of the police service such as the dog section, the horse section, traffic department etc.

A very large part of a Cadets work is volunteering to help the police with community work. This could include Charity fundraising events, Remembrance days, Pride marches, Festivals, Firework displays etc. Other activities would include helping with crime prevention including visits to victims of crime and leaflet drops.

My grandson has been very fortunate to be sponsored by the Police to do his Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards.

As a result of the kind of activities described above, he has learnt skills such as leadership, comradeship, partnership and empathy. Skills which will serve him very well through university and beyond.

For him, being a police cadet has had such a good outcome and it is due to the dedication of regular police officers, who run the cadets, giving up a great deal of their spare time in the process.

Thank you to the Volunteers and if you are thinking of joining the Police Cadets, take the plunge. My Grandson has enjoyed every minute of it!

Mr Stapleton