Jack and Owain spent their time mixing with other young volunteers from across the UK with team building exercises and confidence boosting inputs, culminating in a truly excellent presentation they gave about their interest in tackling homelessness in Neath as part of their commitment to
social action and in conjunction with the #iwill campaign (http://www.iwill.org.uk/).

Every leader will have felt great pride watching their young people up on stage, brimming with confidence and engaging a crowd of over 200 people.

For Mark and Rachel, the days were packed with inputs from many people and they came away with many great ideas they hope to put into practice.  Workshops included "Growing your own volunteers", "International projects", "Capturing success" and "Assessing the value of cadets".  There was also very interesting input from one force who have introduced "mini cadets", aimed at 9-11 years olds in junior schools.

Rachel Ward commented, "From our point of view, as such a young scheme, it was brilliant to be able to speak with other forces about how their schemes were organised, and it
was really eye opening to see what some of what they were doing and the issues they were tackling in their home towns. It was truly inspiring to hear such positive news stories about successful events other forces had taken part in and how life-changing the scheme could be for some. 

It was a hugely positive experience that we took a great deal from and we hope to be able to put some of these new ideas into practice to benefit our local schemes."