Hosted via The Walt Disney corporate Zoom platform and co-presented by the National VPC team. Senior EMEA Managers and team members, gave Cadets a whistle stop overview of how they 'Protect the Magic', discussing the activities undertaken and the multitude of roles within the team.

Securing film sets for productions (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, 20th Century Studio’s, Searchlight Pictures), to location security with National Geographic Productions and Disney +

Ensuring the safety of journalists in conflict zones and high risk & remote locations for the Walt Disney owned news channel ABC, to fine tuning tailored support to the National Geographic Magazine journalists and photographers in the remote areas of Africa and across the region

To huge international Sporting events with ESPN (another Walt Disney owned brand) in Senegal, to protecting Mickey and Minnie in a shopping mall and high profile guest events such as Red Carpet European Film Premieres & Film Festivals, to daily shows on stage at the Theatre………..and so so many more, not to mention the everyday support to The Walt Disney Company employees, guests, assets, Disney Stores and corporate facilities across the region.

The event was interspersed with videos which showed behind the scenes at Disney and how the team approach incident, emergency and crisis management to ‘Protect the Disney Magic!’

Disney zoom event
Members of the EMEA team presenting to Cadets
Disney team

Questions for the security team were fast and furious with Cadets eager to learn how the team operated, how they got into security and more about the roles involved. 

The event was in the planning from November last year when the National VPC team were approached by the EMEA Security team who wanted to work with VPC. 

COVID restrictions prevented initial plans from taking place but, very quickly, those plans were adapted to create the virtual event. 

Tim Mann, National VPC partnership lead said, 'This is just the start of a really exciting partnership between the National VPC and the EMEA Security team, we have been planning this event since November 2020 and it was great to see the how the Cadets engaged with the Security team at Disney. We had a small number of cadets make up a Q&A panel and they were a credit to their forces'  

Scott Paterson, EMEA Senior Security Manager said, ‘We have been completely captivated, inspired, and totally blown away by what is a fantastic, diverse, inclusive and very impressive organisation the VPC is. It is an absolute pleasure for us to be supporting the VPC and we are so excited about all the ideas we have for the future to provide a wider insight into how we ‘Protect the Magic 24/7’. Thanks so much for allowing us into your world!

Sabrina Bains, EMEA Security Manager said, ‘Working with the VPC is a truly motivating and inspiring experience. We were particularly impressed with the cadets’ proactive involvement and the great questions they put forward to the team. There are so many opportunities available to the cadets and we are committed to continuing to work closely with the VPC to highlight these opportunities. We are very excited to continue working on this exciting partnership together!

Planning is now underway post-COVID for face to face engagement and opportunities for Cadets to gain a real insight into the work the team do on the ground. Observing and being hands on to assist the team at events such as film premiers. 

National VPC have been working with the Security Industry for some time to develop new and exciting opportunities for Cadets. With previous access to Security Expo's in London and Birmingham this is an extension of that work and we can't wait to see what is next for our Cadets and the opportunities that could arise from it. We are grateful to EMEA Senior Security Manager, Scott Paterson and EMEA Security Manager Sabrina Bains for reaching out and the work they have done far.