A group of Cadets, police officers and PCSOs recently joined forces to bring a smile to the face of a resident who had suffered some tough times. Prior to Christmas, Mildenhall’s Volunteer Police Cadets. along with PCSOs and police officers gave a helping hand to a local resident who had recently moved house to escape an abusive marriage. Things were going well until the resident grew concerned about a new relationship and it was decided to end the relationship. However, this resulted in extensive damage being caused to the new home and making threats to harm the homeowner. The home was badly damaged with windows, doors, electrics all requiring replacement  and assistance was given in securing a grant for the work.  Due to the large scale of damage the broken materials and furniture was placed on the driveway but this caused issues with neighbours.  The huge pile of debris was cleared and everyone pulled together as a team. This was an excellent team effort. While CID have been working on securing the suspect’s conviction, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Volunteer Police Cadets and Community Safety Team have all worked exceptionally hard to help the victim.