"My name is Reece Monson and I am a Year 3 cadet working in the Sunderland area.  I was shortlisted by my cadet leader to become a youth ambassador, working on the Youth Advisory Board for a charity called Childnet.  The EU have co-funded a project split between two Youth Advisory Boards, one in the UK and the other in Denmark.

The project that I and nine other people, aged 13-17 from around the country, are working on is a project called deSHAME.  This project aims to work towards online equality and to find ways to remove and prevent the online pressures and sexual harassment young people can face online.

The UK youth board were asked to meet for a three day residential trip to London in July 2017.  During this residential there was a lot of discussion in relation to sexual harassment online, how it can be prevented and what we could do as a youth board.

This is a two year project, which began with the residential in July and will continue until 2019.  The Youth Advisory Board, which I am very proud to be a part of, will be directly involved in planning, developing and launching a national campaign that will raise awareness of these issues.  They will take the lead in finding solutions, and have the chance to advise parents, teachers and the police on how to make the internet a more inclusive and equal place."

When asked about taking on the role, Reece said, "The reason I chose to apply to be a youth ambassador was to get the opinions on a problem, that young people are facing on a daily basis, heard.  The youth ambassador role, and other similar roles, are something that I will definitely be suggesting to other cadets to look into because they are a great way to help and make a change."

Congratulations on your highly deserved success Reece.