Two cadet teams from Cambridgeshire and the Metropolitan Police (Sutton Unit) joined together to meet key leads and others earlier in the day, where they learned about major event management, VIP hosting and security, media awareness, safety and technical supp.


Eternal briegfing

Having been properly briefed the cadets were then posted at various points on the blue carpet, ranging from VIP arrival meet and greet to assisting with guest entry into the venue, keeping key areas clear and observing how crowds were managed in the public areas.


Cadets saw the stars arrive and be interviewed on the blue carpet, including Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Lauren Ridloff and many more, with many other high-profile guests.


Sutton VPC Head Cadet Lucy (17)

“This has been an incredible event, seeing the stars and being part of all this! I’ve also learned so much about all the hard work and commitment that goes on behind the scenes, to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely. Amazing!”.

Cambridgeshire VPC High Sheriff Cadet Jade (17)

“We’re here making a difference and working with the professional security teams; it’s been great, and everyone has been so friendly. Can’t wait to see the film now!”.

Tim Mann, National VPC project lead said,

“I would like to thank all at the Walt Disney Company EMEA, especially senior lead Sabrina Bains, who has opened so many doors for VPC. Nothing is too much trouble and the positivity for VPC always has a big impact on cadets and leaders.”
“Thank you, Cambridgeshire and Sutton VPCs, for a great job here as a joint group, our third major UK film premiere now which is testament to the commitment of all the VPC teams taking part. “Eternals” has taken this to a whole new level.
After a long train journey for their first major event outside the county, Cambridgeshire VPC were ready to go right from the start and with Sutton VPC, we had an incredible VPC team joining together to help Protect the Magic Thanks cadets, leaders and supporters who made this happen, you were outstanding ambassadors for both police forces and the whole VPC family!”