National VPC strategy 2020-2024

Introduction to the National VPC strategy -

The Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) is the uniformed youth group of policing in England and Wales, with delivery and management supported by volunteers and other members of the Policing family.

The VPC, encompassing Mini Police, is a diverse group of young people aged 8 - 18 years, who have a desire to support their local communities and gain a practical understanding of policing, developing their leadership skills by undertaking challenging social action projects in their communities. There is no expectation of forces to operate the entire Mini-Police & VPC offer and this is outlined in the strategy as an aspirational vision. It is recognised that the emerging strands of Mini Police and Junior VPC require further support nationally within the lifespan of this strategy.

We have a vision to be a world-class, socially inclusive uniformed youth group based on the values of British policing, demonstrating every day positive impact in our local communities.

This Strategy encompasses all the children and young people, and their leaders, who make up the Mini Police, Junior and Senior Volunteer Police Cadets. The VPC represent a fundamentally different strategic approach to policing positively with young people. Many significant reports into policing and a growing body of research evidence have highlighted the need for the police to engage with communities and with young people in a deeper and longer-term way. The VPC truly embodies Peel’s principle that ‘the police are the people, and the people are the police’; Mini Police and Cadets are the police.

This Strategy sets out why we have Volunteer Police Cadets, based on our four national objectives of:

(1) Making a difference in local communities, building character, confidence and contribution through youth-led social action.

(2) Actively helping divert young people away from negative influences and crime.

(3) Building trust and confidence between young people, their communities and the police.

(4) Enabling young people to have a real voice and influence in building a positive, relevant 21st century policing.

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