All love is equal. Hatred, discrimination, and prejudice have no place in our hearts or communities.

Building on success and engagement of previous years, young people, colleagues, and volunteers throughout the VPC are making a difference.

In London, PC Jayne Richardson, VPC & youth engagement coordinator for Kensington and Chelsea borough (Met Police) is also a key member of the Met’s LGBT+ Network.

With other Met VPC colleagues, Jayne set up the first ever VPC LGBT+ group, called the Police Cadet Pride Unit, (PCPU) which has now been meeting virtually since the start of this year.

Formed as a forum and safe space for cadets who may identify as LGBT+, openly or not, or identify as allies and supporters, the PCPU has given a chance for cadets and young people to come together with supportive, trusted VPC adults in a very positive and inspiring network.

Cadet Noah said “This network has really given me huge confidence and self-belief, to have my voice heard and be a positive change for good both in cadets and helping our police. This is what I really want to do and being in the VPC, I can really be me!”

The PCPU meets online about once a month with about 100 young people and leaders taking part. The group has also reached out to welcome other cadets from VPC programmes in other Forces, via VPC Leads in different Forces with a great reception so far.

Good luck to all our amazing young people, wherever you are from and whoever you are, standing up together to be true to who you are across our communities, shining a light against hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.

If you are a VPC Leader and would like to know more, please contact PC Jayne by email or the VPC national mailbox