13-year-old Emily Edwards, a Cadet with the Metropolitan Police was one of the first people on scene at a serious road traffic collision on Sunday 4th April on Kington Hill, South West London, providing a calm head and first aid skills to a seriously injured driver.

Having recently completed a first responder course as part of her cadet programme, she remained calm under pressure and called the Ambulance Service and prevented passers-by from trying to remove the driver, an elderly lady from the vehicle. The driver was later cut out of the vehicle by the Fire Service and was believed to have suffered a broken neck.

Accident scene

Through her actions in preventing passers-by from moving the driver Emily undoubtedly prevented further injury being caused and due to the nature of the injury suffered by the elderly driver, possibly saved their life.

The whole VPC family are extremely proud of Emily’s actions. Well done Emily!

Nicola, Emilys mother said -

‘Emily is overwhelmed by all the lovely messages she has been reading through my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. On that Easter Sunday, she just kicked straight into Police Cadet mode putting into practice all the training that she has learned from Staff PC Juliet Saunders, PC Hayley Parkes and other Staff at the Kingston VPC. However, her overwhelming wish at the moment, is to find out whether the elderly couple involved in the accident are safe and sound.  As parents, we know that we are in safe hands with Emily by our side. We are immeasurably proud of her and thank all the VPC Staff and Volunteers for the life skills that Emily has achieved thus far through the Cadet Programme.’


*Scene photographs courtesy of Sillet Photography

Accident scene 2